Don Victorio’s Market

An Organic Produce Store. Local Organic Grocery Market in West Palm Beach.

This local favorite grocery store has been in business for over 10 years in West Palm Beach. Located not too far from Lake Worth beaches, this produce market has become huge with locals for their low prices on high quality local produce. There are many small businesses out there that sell produce, but no one really does it like these guys. Their goal is always to provide excellent prices on organic produce, because not everyone can afford to bring home higher quality fruits and vegetables. However, at Don Victorio’s Market, even those with government assistance have been able to fill their carts with local produce for their families. This store does a great job at helping tax dollars go directly back into the community because so many people and businesses choose them for their produce. Many of the best restaurants in Downtown West Palm Beach and Clematis have chosen Don Victorio’s for their excellent quality of produce and because of their amazing prices.


This market uses mostly local farmers to supply their fruits and vegetables. Although many items may come from other places, they always focus on what is local first. This produce store used to attend the farmer’s market on Clematis where many residents where able to enjoy fruits and vegetables that were picked that very same morning. This can also be expected of what is in the store as well. There is no better way to get fresh produce in West Palm than at Don Victorio’s Market.


All sorts of people and businesses have chosen this store to supply their food because the prices are usually better than the chain grocery stores. The owners of Don Victorios knew that the quality of produce found at supermarkets and chain grocery stores where not good enough for most people. If you walk down the aisles of a large supermarket for your food, you will find plenty of overpriced or old produce. It can be very hard to properly supply a grocery store with items that have such a wide difference of shelf life. Which is why Don Victorio’s has been able to find success. Customers who shop at this produce market can expect produce that is not only higher quality, but it is usually found at a lower price as well. This type of business works off of smaller margins than in other industries, but over time, this shop has managed to show local residents what real food should look like. So many customers that shop here will say that they where never able to afford organic food before, but now, they always grab the organics! The owners of Don Victorio’s love hearing this because it shows just how much value they were able to bring to the community by connecting great local farmers who grow excellent foods. Their next plan is to expand into a new location where they can enrich the local community with better food and better prices.

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