Garage Auto Inc.

Affordable Used Cars in Orlando. Local Cash Only Car Dealership.

If you are in search for a used car in Orlando, there are many people out there who will advertise all sorts of “great deals” to those with low credit scores. However, at Garage Autos Inc., there is no interest that will be held over your head for years because this is actually a cash only dealership. This business is known for selling only cars that are $5,000 and under. That means that you can get an honest deal on a used car without having to deal with running your credit or figuring out a loan. Instead, you get what you see and you can expect to get your money’s worth. If you aren’t trying to deal with car payments and depreciation, this business could be a great place for you to check out. They have their inventory on their website that you can browse, however, going there in person is the best way to find the good deals before they are gone.

I interviewed Ryan over the weekend and I got to hear a whole lot about how he founded his business. He said he wanted a simple business model that could bring in a lot of value to the community. He saw the opportunity for a business when noticing how much people are paying for their cars. Some are stuck on ridiculous interest rates that they will be paying for a long time. He knew that people out there needed a place to go to when they want to simply buy a car outright. There is no better feeling than to own your car immediately, as opposed to knowing that your shiny new vehicle belongs to the bank until your payments are done. Ryan says that his car dealership is the perfect place for people who are looking to get a first car, project car, or just anyone who needs a good deal on a car. It can be tough for those that use public transportation because it takes up a good amount of your time in the day just trying to get to work. Instead, saving up some money, and visiting Ryan’s business is a good way to go.

He started selling cars back when he was a teen and living with his parents. Now, he sells hundreds of cars a year without putting anyone on contracts with interest! If you are looking for an affordable used car in Central Florida, check out his dealership first!

Have a loan that is getting too expensive for you? You are not alone. Many people are in tough situations with their car payments, and are no longer able to afford paying the interest. Buying your car at a cash only dealership can save you tons of money on mark ups that you would have to pay for when buying a new car. New cars can also depreciate much faster than you can pay off the principal amount of your loan. So, going for a used car from Ryan, may be your next smartest financial move!

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